About Us

Our Story

The motivation to start the SOVRN Republic Brand came as a direct result of a six month long study abroad trip on the island of Bali, Indonesia during the year 2012 when company founder David Elliott and two best friends used every 4-day weekend, Hindu holiday, and accumulated "sick days" from class at the local university to get off the more developed Island and explore the rest of the country. During this time bouncing around to more than 15 islands, we met some really incredible people from all walks of life, the community of people that shared in our addiction to the surf travel drug. After living on a remote beautiful island off the power grid for an extended period of time, you really get to know the people that you are staying with. After returning to the United States and completing his degree in Entrepreneurship at SDSU, David had come to the realization that most of the "major brands" in the industry were no longer focusing exclusively on the needs of their core demographic, the community that we met on those remote islands in the Indian Ocean. Officially launched in 2014, the SOVRN Republic Brand was born to fill this gap and provide the premium products and the attention this community deserves. 

The SOVRN Republic Brand

SOVRN Republic is a premium action lifestyle brand with a concentration on innovative product design for the community of people who are passionate about exploring our planet. We focus our product design criteria with the needs of our core customers at the forefront, keeping functionality the main priority. Our designs are heavily influenced by our roots in surf culture and passion for traveling the world to experience other cultures very different from our own.

The Name and Logo

The name SOVRN Republic is meant to represent this independent community of people around the globe who share in our passion for seeking new experiences abroad. For many of us who surf, the search for a perfect, uncrowded wave remains our constant source of inspiration. For others, adding the stamp of a new location to the passport or a new pin to the global map serves as motivation. The SOVRN Waypoint logo is meant to embody the spirit of this relentless pursuit of the passions that make life worth living.

Design Philosophy

When we create products, functionality is of primary concern while style is paramount. We believe that many times, less is more and that our customers appreciate not looking like walking billboards while wearing our designs. We understand that the product design process is never finished and you can expect constant design improvements with each upcoming season.

Our Promise

SOVRN Republic’s team of designers and engineers promise to remain in constant pursuit of improvement, bringing you new and improved products based on practical benefits at reasonable prices. We believe that product development is ongoing, there will always be new ideas, designs will evolve and get better over time. This understanding keeps us inspired to experiment and remain at the forefront of innovative product design. We have a lot of ideas for new and improved product designs, this is our platform to get them into the hands of people who will value the benefits that our product lines offer and to receive feedback on what we’re doing right and where there can be improvement.

SOVRN State of Mind

We believe that not all addictions are bad and that travel is an integral part of personal growth, leading to a better understanding of one's self as well as those living very different lives in other parts of the world. If you’re passionate about traveling then more than likely you’re a driven person. You work hard for your money because you're working towards something. You visualize the goal and make the time off work and resources happen. We hope the products we create, and the content we put out will help keep you motivated to escape the daily grind and feed that travel addiction in style and comfort. After all, you deserve it don’t you? 


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us,


David Elliott

Founder, SOVRN Republic