The SOVRN Chronicle (Team & Brand Ambassadors)

September 13th, 2022: Chapter 41

Video: Thrash The Process (SEOTY)

Team Rider: Brad Flora

Location: Indonesia, Texas & U.S. East Coast

Edit: Brad Flora 




September 1st, 2022: Chapter 40

Video: The Vor-TEX

Team Rider: Tex Mitchell

Location: Bali, Lombok & Sumbawa

Film/Edit: Stephen Rawding

Additional Footage: Kevin Ganiel  

The Vor-TEX from Stephen Rawding on Vimeo.



November 21st, 2021: Chapter 39

Video: Time

Team Rider: Schuyler Allen

Location: Hawaii, East Coast (U.S.) & Tahiti

Edit: Schuyler Allen  

Time from Schuyler Allen on Vimeo.



June 4th, 2021: Chapter 38

Video: THAT GO!

Team Riders: Davey & Jake Stiles

Location: Puerto Rico


THAT GO! ft. Davey Stiles, Jowey Lu & Jake Stiles (SURFING PUERETO RICO!) from STILES BROS. on Vimeo.



February 1st, 2021: Chapter 37

Video: Mal Y Bueno (Surfing Malibu During Quarantine)

Team Rider: Davey Stiles

Location: Malibu, California





December 12th, 2020: Chapter 36

Video: Enchanted Parenthesis

Team Rider: Tristan Guilbaud

Location: New Zealand

Footage: @riblanc

Edit: @riblanc

Enchanted Parenthesis // from Tristan Guilbaud on Vimeo.



October 16th, 2020: Chapter 35

Video: Baja Blast!

Team Rider: Davey Stiles

Location: Baja California, Mexico





July 31st, 2020: Chapter 34

Video: A Day In Big Sur

Team Rider: Davey Stiles

Location: Big Sur, California


“A day in Big Sur” ft. Davey Stiles from Brotherlymischief on Vimeo.



January 2nd, 2020: Chapter 33

Video: Gun For Hire

Team Rider: Schuyler Allen

Location: Hawaii, Indonesia & Puerto Rico

Footage: Guy Mac, Erik Ippel, Skee Facer, Pedro Bastos, Landon Hayashi, Ruben Quinones, Ardiel Jimenez, Christian Oehmke, Alvaro Andino, Thor Larson

Edit: Schuyler Allen  



May 10th, 2019: Chapter 32

Video: Pterygium

Team Rider: Schuyler Allen

Location: Hawaii

Footage: Sam Moody, Jason ‘Mini’ Blanchard, Chad Christensen, Jacob Laham, Rory Pringle, Tony Heff, Simon Hetric

Edit: Schuyler Allen  

Pterygium from Schuyler Allen on Vimeo.



December 5th, 2018: Chapter 31

Video: Douce France

Team Rider: Tristan Guilbaud

Location: France

Footage: Julien Turpaud, Cheezy Duck, Unaï Borda, Comptoir du Surf

Edit: Tristan Guilbaud

Douce France from Tristan Guilbaud on Vimeo.



November 19th, 2018: Chapter 30


Team Riders: Korak Tinoco & Schuyler Allen

Location: Indonesia

Edit: Schuyler Allen  

METAL INDO from Schuyler Allen on Vimeo.



April 15th, 2018: Chapter 29


Team Rider: Schuyler Allen

Locations: Hawaii, Ireland & East Coast, USA

Edit: Schuyler Allen 

TWO SEAS from Schuyler Allen on Vimeo.




February 11th, 2018: Chapter 28

Video: The Lofoten Islands

Brand Ambassador: Nico Zimmermann (@ZimyDaKid)

Location: Norway



December 5th, 2017: Chapter 27

Video: Chasing Palmtrees

Team Rider: Tristan Guilbaud

Footage: Heiko Bothe

Edited by: Tristan Guilbaud

Location: Mexico

Chasing Palmtrees from Tristan Guilbaud on Vimeo.



November 19th, 2017: Chapter 26

Video: Lost On Bali - A Jungle Exploration

Footage: Routive España, Los Niños Perdidos, Pascal Klein, Diego Tellez

Location: Bali, Indonesia



October 20th, 2017: Chapter 25

Video: Wave of the Winter Entry (Surfline)

Team Rider & Footage: Korak Tinoco

Location: Lombok, Indonesia



September 1st, 2017: Chapter 24

Video: Stash Bash 2017

Gear: The 30L SOVRN Drifter (Burgundy)

Location: Connecticut

Edit: Full Send Productions

SOVRN REPUBLIC from Full Send on Vimeo.

Stash Bash 2017 from Full Send on Vimeo.



July 2nd, 2017: Chapter 23

Video: Korak In Indonesia

Team Rider: Korak Tinoco

Location: Indonesia

Footage: Ryan Johnson, Marlon Henderson

Korak Tinoco in Indonesia with WaterMark from Surf TV on Vimeo.



May 17th, 2017: Chapter 22

Video: The Mist

Brand Ambassador: Nico Zimmermann (@ZimyDaKid)

Gear: The 32L SOVRN Drifter : HD (Olive)

Location: Switzerland




April 24th, 2017: Chapter 21

Video: Residency

Team Rider: Schuyler Allen

Location: North Shore, Hawaii

Footage: Jacob Laham, Sam Moody, Matt Catalano, Nick Rudine, Ryan Johnson, Heath Thompson, Pete Frieden, Edwin Morales

Edit: Schuyler Allen

Residency from Schuyler Allen on Vimeo.



March 6th, 2017: Chapter 20

Video: Through the Eyes of Korak Tinoco

Team Rider: Korak Tinoco

Location: San Diego, California

Footage: Anthony Delbono & Sean Santiago

Edit: Sean Santiago

Through The Eyes of Korak Tinoco from XTERRA SURF on Vimeo.



March 2nd, 2017: Chapter 19

Gear: 30L SOVRN Drifter (Navy), 32L SOVRN Drifter : HD (Charcoal & Olive)

Location: Ecuador 

Shot & Edited: Pacific Video Productions

Sovrn Promo- Ecuador from Pacific Video Productions on Vimeo.



January 19th, 2017: Chapter 18

Video: One Minute Around The World

Brand Ambassador: Nico Zimmermann (@ZimyDaKid)

Gear: The 30L SOVRN Drifter : Charcoal

Location: Around The World



December 2nd, 2016: Chapter 17

Video: Jack Rabbit Slim

Team Rider: Schuyler Allen

Footage: Sam Moody, Jacob

Jack Rabbit Slim from Schuyler Allen on Vimeo.



October 11th, 2016: Chapter 16

Video: Stranger Summer

Team Rider: Davey Stiles

Gear: The 30L SOVRN Drifter : Charcoal

Location: Montauk, New York


STRANGER SUMMER from on Vimeo.



September 22nd, 2016: Chapter 15

Video: Enjoy the View (Indonesia)

Team Rider: Korak Tinoco

Shot & Edited: Korak Tinoco

"Enjoy the View" -Korak Tinoco from Surf TV on Vimeo.



July 5th, 2016: Chapter 14

Video: Lost & Found

Team Rider: Tristan Guilbaud

Shot & Edited: Falling Angels Prod / Comptoir du Surf

Lost & Found // Tristan Guilbaud from Tristan Guilbaud on Vimeo.



June 30th, 2016: Chapter 13

Video: Psycho Therapy

Team Rider: Korak Tinoco

Psycho Therapy from Surf TV on Vimeo.



March 28th, 2016: Chapter 12

Gear: The 30L SOVRN Drifter : Burgundy 

Location: Baja California, Mexico 

Shot & Edited: Pacific Video Productions


Sovrn Baja Final from Pacific Video Productions on Vimeo.



February 4th, 2016: Chapter 11

Video: Lumières d'Hiver (France)

Team Rider: Tristan Guilbaud

Gear: The 30L SOVRN Drifter : Black

Shot & Edited: Guillaume Arrieta

Additional Footage: Falling Angels Prod, Michael Darrigade

Lumières d'Hiver from Guilbaud Tristan on Vimeo.




August 13th, 2015: Chapter 10

Gear: The 30L SOVRN Drifter : Charcoal

Location: Oahu, Hawaii 

Shot & Edited: Pacific Video Productions 

Sovrn from Pacific Video Productions on Vimeo.



July 21st, 2015: Chapter 9

Video: My May (Nicaragua & California)

Team Rider: Tristan Guilbaud

Featuring: Victoria Vergara

Shot & Edited: Greg Gyselinck

My May // Tristan Guilbaud feat. Victoria Vergara from Guilbaud Tristan on Vimeo.



June 22nd, 2015: Chapter 8

Video: Carrozza Frontera

Team Rider: Tyler Crawford

Featuring: Carrozza Surfboards & Departure Roulette 

Shot & Edited: Cory Patterson | Will Vasquez

Carrozza FRONTERA from Cory Patterson Photography on Vimeo.



June 1st, 2015: Chapter 7

Team Rider: Ryan Croteau

SOVRN Republic team rider Ryan Croteau based out of Orange County recently put out an edit "Croteau Brother's World Vision" on his and his brother Justin's recent 6 month trip around the globe:

Croteau Brother's World Vision from Ryan Croteau on Vimeo.

Music: "I See Fire" by Kygo



May 15th, 2015: Chapter 6

Team Rider: Eoin McCarthy Deering

SOVRN Republic team rider Eoin McCarthy Deering based out of Ireland is the newest member of the SR global surf team, check out this quick edit from a recent session surfing the uncrowded distant shores of the Irish coastline:

Eoin Intro Vid from SOVRN Republic on Vimeo.




August 13th, 2014: Chapter 5

Destination: Puerto Escondido Mexico

Team Riders: Easton Jones, Hunter Jones & Ryan Goeglein

*Most photos by Jesse Jones*

We at SOVRN Republic wrote our team riders Easton Jones, Hunter Jones, and Ryan Goeglein about how their recent trip to Mexico had been and the amount of stoke in their responses was better than any write up we could have done. Here are their tales:

Hunter Jones //

Puerto Escondido has it all. Great waves, good food, and awesome people. Having my SOVRNRepublic backpack with me while traveling made things much easier. I was able to easily store my laptop, camera, and boardies safely inside the backpack. My favorite feature of the backpack was the passport pocket. Having this pocket allowed me to store all of my plane tickets, cash, and other important items safely. For most of the trip the boys and I primarily surfed La Punta. This epic point offered everything from barrels to airs, and big turns as well. Ive never been in warmer water then Puerto. It seemed as though the water was warmer then the air. Zicatela was another spot we surfed. This place was the heaviest beach break I have ever surfed, but the reward was a perfect barrel. Puerto was amazing and I cant wait until I get to go back!

Easton Jones //

Puerto Escondido.

That was a trip to remember. If it wasn't for the surf, then it was for the food. Ryan, Hunter, and I just got back from a month long excursion to Mainland Mexico. It was good to be meeting new people, surfing new places, and cheering for the USA soccer team in the World Cup. Although the huge swell had come just after we left, we still got some of the rides and wipeouts of our life. Something tells me those street tacos kept us alive. There's also nothing like getting the 24 hour flu in a foreign country. We stayed at my families house right between La Punta and Playa Zicatela. If you're familiar with the place, then you know that that is the place to be. Wake up and check the heavy beach break, or watch the reeling left point break. It's also a plus to get your broken in half surfboards fixed for only $45. Come with a smile and low expectations, and you will leave with stories to tell. We will definitely be back one day!
Ryan Goeglein //
Puerto Escondido was one of the greatest surf trips of my life. What more could I have asked for, sharing epic waves with my two best friends, Hunter and Easton, in Mexico. We stayed at Easton’s uncle’s house, which is located right between the La Punta and the famous Mexican beach break, Zicatela. For a month straight we were out in the water. You would find us out surfing perfect peeling lefts at the point or, pulling into some heavy barrels at the beach break. When we weren’t surfing, we were probably eating tacos or cheering on team USA in the world cup.  Unfortunately, there were some bumps along the road. I caught the flu about two weeks into the trip and had to stay out of the water for a few days. Once I got my strength back, I was back at it again. All and all, it was a trip to remember filled with life long memories. Hopefully we will be able to return again sometime soon!
Stay tuned for their video from the trip. Enter Chronicle Code "Puerto" for 30% off through Friday August 15th!



July 13th, 2014: Chapter 4

Destination: Indonesia

Team Riders: Eric Bartlett & Brandon Carney

When traveling to Bali, Indonesia for the first time the sights and smells you first encounter when you leave the airport can be quite shocking.  Burning trash, chaotic traffic, floral incense offerings, and massive 50 foot tall roundabout statues of Hindu Gods doing battle are almost guaranteed.  When team riders Eric Bartlett and Brandon Carney along with good friends Doug Van Mierlo and Josh Morse set off they were unsure of what to expect beyond the promise of epic surf.

They found the first challenge to be finding transportation from the airport without getting ripped off and figuring out how to strap 5 boardbags with 15+ decks on top of the roof a small van. The first day they arrived the surf was in the double overhead+ range.  That is a massive transition from the chest high waves in southern California they were used to.The boys have been staying at Patin Bingin (Bingin Beach), a short hallow left located on the west side of the Bukit Peninsula, south of the airport in Kuta.

They have been mostly surfing out front or the other breaks that are a quick motorbike ride up the road, often trading off time behind the lens at one of the local warungs, the small family owned restaurants found all over the island.Eventually they decided to take a trip out to Keramas on the east coast, if you have done this on your own you have probably gotten lost, which they did.  After finding the no longer so secret spot they stayed at the Keramas' Komune. Though the location is prime, the price is far above what you would pay at most other places of the same quality, expect to pay a premium when staying here due to the location.The hike out to the temple near Uluwatu for sunset is a must but make sure to stash your valuables especially anything shiny, the monkeys will snatch just about anything and dismantle it as quickly as possible.  The stash pocket on their SOVRN Ambassador backpacks is perfectly monkey proof.Deciding to Venture off the island of Bali, the crew planned a trip to the small neighboring island of Nusa Lembognan (accessible from the port in Sanur), an island well known as a world class diving destination that happens to hold a few premier waves (Shipwrecks, Lacerations and Playgrounds) when the swell is in the right direction. The boys scored some of their best waves of the trip at Lacerations and explored the rest of the island, taking the bridge over to the very closely located island of Nusa Ceningan to go cliff jumping.

The 3+ week excursion is now coming to an end and the boys are on they way back to San Diego. Thanks for keeping up with the SOVRN Republic Team. Chronicle Code: “Indo25” for 25% off gear through 7/18

-SOVRN Republic


June 16th, 2014: Chapter 3

2014 T-Shirt Line Release

When you purchase a T-Shirt from SOVRN Republic, you're helping to support a brand dedicated to pursuing innovative solutions and improving the practicality of our existing products and future developments.  Made from 100% Cotton, these shirts offer comfort and breathability for any relaxing or exploring you may find yourself doing.

Purchases of our T-Shirts will help to provide the budget required to develop the innovative concepts that we are working on releasing in the near future.  We hope our designs help to motivate you to never be stagnant, always working towards a goal.

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-SOVRN Republic  


June 12th, 2014: Chapter 2

Destination: Capbreton, France

Team Rider: Cameron Brown; Age: 23

When most people imagine a trip to France it conjures images of the Eiffel Tower, massive cathedrals, and drinking lots of wine.  When surfers think of France, big hollow wedging beach breaks are the first thing we dream of.  

Unfortunately when you travel for surf in the off-season, being skunked is very possible. Here Cameron was using his SOVRN Ambassador Backpack while on a surf check where he did not find waves. 

Remaining optimistic, he took the opportunity to discover some of the local culture.  Despite what many people say about the French, as long as you attempt to speak a little of their native language at first, they tended to be friendly.  As for the fellow travelers he met along the way, they were very friendly, perhaps because they were both sharing the sense of adventure that comes with being in a foreign land.
When asked about the Ambassador pack, Cameron said, "I love that it is light weight, it fits my things nice and snug, a good size, I like that it is high quality material. I've shown it to people and everyone loves it.  Definitely like the pocket on the back that keeps your wallet, travel docs, etc. safe."
Fortunately for Cam he did eventually score an idyllic french beach break as the images below show.  While in France Cam stayed with H20 Holidays in Capbreton a surf-hostel and approved SOVRN Waypoint.  It is located just 10 minutes from the world class waves of Santosha and La Piste.  For more information feel free to check out:
Cameron has now left France after scoring and is on his way south to strike out long the Spanish coastline. You can keep up with all of his travels by following his personal blog:     asdfasdfasdfsafasfsadfasdfsadkjfasehfsuehfiuesfhaeiuhfsauifhesuhfasuefhasuefhasuiefhaisuefhiusefhuies    asflasdkfj
Thanks again for taking the time to keep up with the SOVRN Republic team! No new Chronicle Code this week as the promotion from our first post still runs until tomorrow 6/13/14. Check back for our clothing line introduction next week and more updates from our team's summer trips!
-SOVRN Republic

June 6th, 2014: Chapter 1

Keep up to date with the SOVRN Republic team! This new section of our website will feature detailed updates on our team's travels & accomplishments as well as news on product drops and insight into new projects in development.

The Chronicle aims to give you a front row seat to our team's global adventures through their photos videos and stories, serving as the timeline of the brand with each entry as a new page in the SOVRN Republic history book. The goal of sharing our ongoing story is to keep you motivated to say on the move, visit new places and experience new cultures.

We will use this page to highlight the locals, travelers, organizations, businesses and communities that we meet along the way. Through these entries we will share some of the knowledge gained along the way, such as recommended places to stay ("approved waypoints"), how to get there (not always as easy as it might sound) and insight into how much you should pay when negotiating prices in developing countries. 

Be sure to check back often as we will run limited time promotion codes (valid for a week or less after we add a new entry) that are exclusively found on the SOVRN Chronicle as a reward for taking the time to keep up with our progress and ongoing adventures.

We sincerely appreciate all of the support and look forward to sharing the SOVRN Republic story. Stay motivated, keep traveling and never stop exploring.

*Enter "Chronicle" for 30% off all orders through Friday, 6/13/2014*

-SOVRN Republic